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ilx Professionals

ilx, founded in 2004, works closely with learning departments of large organizations to identify, attract, and support leading contract specialists for focused training and development engagements. A proprietary onboarding process led by experienced Relationship Managers ensures that our consultants are able to successfully deliver the results required by our clients.

ilx is a highly specialized staffing company. Rather than try to be all things to all clients, we focus on the learning and development profession and provide the following types of talent to our clients: instructional designers, eLearning/mLearning developers, instructors and facilitators, organizational development and human resource consultants, training coordinators, project managers, change managers, technical communicators, and editors and copywriters.

Three major differences set us apart from others in the market...

What Sets Us Apart

Three major differences set us apart from others in the market:

  • Expert Relationship Managers
  • Loyal Consultants
  • Proven Onboarding for Success Methodology

ilx Relationship Managers take a consultative approach to fulfilling your requirements by serving as advisers rather than order takers. With their extensive learning and development experience, Relationship Managers can assess your true needs and provide better quality talent.

Equally important to your needs is our talent pool of thousands of consultants. ilx asks each consultant to complete an extensive knowledge and skills assessment. Each consultant is thoroughly interviewed with all references checked, and they are evaluated using detailed criteria that assists in the placement process. Retention of quality consultants is a high priority, and ilx is the preferred company for our consultants because of our compensation program and track record for creating the right fit for all involved.

To kick off the Onboarding for Success methodology, ilx consults with your key contact regarding business goals, deliverables, schedule, and milestones along with skills and personalities on your team. Each aspect is vital to the consultant selection process and providing the most appropriate fits. After gaining a solid understanding, we provide the right resources for your assignment. The onboarding process reduces start-up time and increases project success as Relationship Managers remain in contact throughout your project.


Delivered the impossible...

“We had an idea. Something crazy that we dreamed up that didn’t think was possible. We wanted a virtual version of our HQ as the main user interface, allowing the user to move from department to department, fulfilling each of the training requirements. ilx took the idea and improved on it. The outcome is amazing.”

- Paul Hughes, Avis Europe

Trimmed development times by nearly 35%...

“Working with ilx has helped us trim our development times by nearly 35 percent. They are very responsive, easily accessible, and excellent in what they do.”

- Healthstream

Learner retention and engagement doubled...

“We have our own in-house development team, but due to a new product push, we needed to engage an outside vendor to help us keep up with a sudden increase in workload. At first we were concerned that a vendor may not be able to match the quality of our in-house team, and that they would struggle to fit into our established workflow. Our concerns could not have been further from the truth. ilx created and delivered a huge amount of work in a very short time. They raised the bar on what was possible for us and became an extension of our organisation. Learner engagement and retention doubled. The standard they set has become our new benchmark.”

- Applied Educational Systems

Met every challenge...

“Their dedication to service and work ethic is second to none. They met every challenge with excitement and innovation. ilx is now the only eLearning vendor we work with. In fact, I loved them so much, I joined the team.”

- John Campbell, Head3

Now our first choice...

“We chose ilx because of their design and evelopment model. Other vendors were stuck in the last decade, using 3 column word formats and the like to design courses. The ilx module is visual and immediate. We saw results within days and felt that we knew what the outcome would be all through the project. This helped us be confident in the product and the relationship. Over time, our experience with ilx has been so consistently positive, they are now our first choice as a training vendor.”

- Healthstream

Our trusted partner...

“We met ilx under somewhat stressful circumstances when a previous vendor had let us down. We were somewhat gun shy. We needent have worried. Over the last 4 years, ilx has become our trusted partner in delivering our massive library of learning world wide. They collaborate so closely with us, and have immersed themselves so well in our culture that we now rely on them to produce programs and results with greatly reduced management on our part. They take such a high degree of ownership and responsibility that we simply could not meet our production schedules without them.”

- NACE International