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Mobile Learning

What’s the difference between Mobile and Microlearning?

Although Microlearning is usually mobile based, that is not always the case. We define Microlearning as brief, targeted and focused on a single topic. On the other hand Mobile learning can be used to deliver a complete curriculum, with many topics, yet on a mobile device in the palm of your hand.

World-wide Availability

It is currently estimated that over one third of the world’s population owns a smart phone. That’s around 2.6 billion people. As you well know, smart phones and mobile devices are no longer just for making calls. Instead they are hand-held, complex computing devices that are not just capable of, but sometimes the preferred method, for delivering highly-effective and engaging learning content.

Preferred Choice of Future Leaders

Millennials are no longer teenagers. They are a large and important sector of the workforce that is quickly becoming its leaders. Millennial learners have unique expectations. They want to be engaged and entertained when they are learning. They want their content delivered in smaller, targeted bites that allow them to complete learning on their schedule and in a way that fits with their multi-tasking lifestyle. Mobile learning allows us to cater to those needs brilliantly, and when combined with social components, these learners feel part of a learning community and a greater whole.

Case Study

We were asked to come up with a way that young drivers could educate themselves not only about the written rules of driver’s education, but also about real consequences of driver safety. We designed a highly entertaining, mobile-compatible curriculum that allowed young learners to make serious choices in ways that weren’t preachy or threatening. This multi-platform program has been incredibly successful. Its large adoption rate and cross-platform compatibility mean that learners can take the course during or after school. We even incorporated leader boards (learner choice) and awards for the safest drivers.


Delivered the impossible...

“We had an idea. Something crazy that we dreamed up that didn’t think was possible. We wanted a virtual version of our HQ as the main user interface, allowing the user to move from department to department, fulfilling each of the training requirements. ilx took the idea and improved on it. The outcome is amazing.”

- Paul Hughes, Avis Europe

Trimmed development times by nearly 35%...

“Working with ilx has helped us trim our development times by nearly 35 percent. They are very responsive, easily accessible, and excellent in what they do.”

- Healthstream

Learner retention and engagement doubled...

“We have our own in-house development team, but due to a new product push, we needed to engage an outside vendor to help us keep up with a sudden increase in workload. At first we were concerned that a vendor may not be able to match the quality of our in-house team, and that they would struggle to fit into our established workflow. Our concerns could not have been further from the truth. ilx created and delivered a huge amount of work in a very short time. They raised the bar on what was possible for us and became an extension of our organisation. Learner engagement and retention doubled. The standard they set has become our new benchmark.”

- Applied Educational Systems