Training for Tomorrow


Focused, Relevant and There When it’s Most Needed

There are a lot of definitions of Microlearning, both what it is, and how it’s best delivered. Some limit the runtime to 3 minutes or less, others say it should always be video or single platform. Following our needs-based methodology, we define it as concise learning module delivered where and when the learner needs it most, and in the way that most serves their need.

ilx Microlearning is:

  • Targeted: Delivering exactly what the learner wants to know exactly when and how they want it.
  • Single Focused: Each Microlearning module addresses just one topic; nothing extraneous.
  • Learner Driven: Microlearning should always be designed to be viewed on the tools that leaners use. Our multi-platform approach ensures that whatever platform our learners have, they always get the best possible training experience.
  • Cross Platform: Microlearning content may cross platforms from desktop to mobile. While sometimes deployed to desktop, more often microlearning is delivered on mobile devices that learners carry with them, and is specifically tailored to mobile devices. We carefully consider questions such as, “How do you navigate a course with just your thumb?” We have delivered modules for engineers that use microlearning courses while they are 50 feet in the air in a boom lift, diagnosing an industrial coating failure. Talk about just-in-time learning!

Testimonials, Stories, Course thumbnails etc.

We had an idea. Something crazy that we dreamed up that didn’t think was possible. We wanted a vitual version of our HQ as the main user interface. Allowing the user to move from department to department , fulfilling each of their training requirements. ilx took the idea and improved on it. The outcome was amazing.”

- Paul Hughes, Avis Europe

“Their dedication to service and work ethic is second to none. The met every challenge with excitement and innovation. ilx is now the only eLearning vendor we work with.”

- John Campbell, Head3