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Games, Scenarios and Simulations

Needs-driven Game Design.

We take a unique approach to learning design always focused on what best achieves our customers’ goals and objectives. “Gamification” may be the hot topic of the day, but a game for game’s sake serves nothing. There are times however, when a game-based or real-world scenario is the best thing to satisfy the learning intent.
Whether a complete game-based learning course is needed or game-based scenario within a course, we can design and build it. One of our core values is that everything we do must have a reason. We are firmly entrenched in evidence- based instructional design, while at the same time also using our experience to create new and interesting learning scenarios.

Case Study:

We developed an entire curriculum for a medical client focusing on all aspects of pressure injury treatment in hospitals - a very serious subject with potentially fatal outcomes. Throughout the curriculum we used real-world, game-based scenarios that allow medical staff to see the impact of treatment choices on virtual patients experiencing the direct results of their actions without putting anyone’s life at risk. It’s “learning by doing” through seeing their own successes and failures. We backed that up with Microlearning tools that allowed the medical staff to check their thoughts on the job.

To date, this course has been implemented in hundreds of hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide to great critical acclaim. Over 500,000 doctors and medical staff have taken the curriculum.


Now our first choice...

“We chose ilx because of their design and evelopment model. Other vendors were stuck in the last decade, using 3 column word formats and the like to design courses. The ilx module is visual and immediate. We saw results within days and felt that we knew what the outcome would be all through the project. This helped us be confident in the product and the relationship. Over time, our experience with ilx has been so consistently positive, they are now our first choice as a training vendor.”

- Healthstream

Met every challenge...

“Their dedication to service and work ethic is second to none. They met every challenge with excitement and innovation. ilx is now the only eLearning vendor we work with. In fact, I loved them so much, I joined the team.”

- John Campbell, Head3