Training for Tomorrow

Beyond Agile Development

Driven by Need and Culture

Every client, every project, every audience is different. Each one has unique opportunities and challenges. While everything we do is informed by proven methodologies, we also understand that the needs of the specific client and project often require us to use evolved development models. We also understand that needs can change during the development lifecycle. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt quickly and with agility to meet those changing needs. We have proven time and time again, that our model of complete ownership and responsibility gives our clients a confidence and peace of mind that it unusual. In most client relationships, we become extensions of their own departments, handling things for them and opening up valuable space in their always busy schedules.

Beyond ADDIE

Our 4D approach (Design, Develop, Deploy, Dissect) to the production of learning and instructional design products works on two assumptions. The first is excellence at every stage. We understand that lessons will be learned along the way, and that iterative changes will be made; that’s part of the process. But the key to excellence is in knowing the right questions to ask, gathering all of the key people together, ensuring the right content, understanding the needs assessment and marketing studies, and making sure everything is complete so that when we do take a step, it’s the right step. We call this methodology Designing vs. Doing.

The second assumption is that the learner is the ultimate judge of our 4D approach. Even with the best content and all of the knowledge and experience we and our clients have, our learners' increased performance and behavioral change best demonstrates our proven effectiveness.

The Agile Advantage

While we are fully versed in the ADDIE model in its purest form, we have found it’s not the best fit for every client. We are also huge fans of a highly agile design and development model. We take a learner experience approach: Who are we training? And how do they learn best? What will engage and benefit them most? What platform? What style? What level of interactivity? We answer many questions before we take the first step. The Design phase of our 4D process starts from the ground up. We don’t just design your training, we design the best possible process by which to produce your training.

One of our longest standing clients had experienced a recurring SME issue for years.

The issue?

Their learning initiatives are long; sometimes spanning multiple years. They are a globally leading association with members numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Most frequently the best SME’s for their projects come from their membership. The SME’s, however, also have day jobs and busy lives. While initially we tried to apply a model where SME’s had firm deadlines and deliverables, over a long time, that was ultimately not successful.

The solution?

The eureka moment came during a two day intensive. Instead of trying to force SME’s into our model, we needed to move into theirs. This unfolded into an intensely collaborative process. Meeting each individual SME in the way that best served his or her needs; email, Skype, text, phone, whatever it takes and whenever it takes it, to make the SME successful.

The result?

Something that used to be the major stumbling block is now the source of amazing, industry leading content, and a way to constantly reinforce the client's brand amongst their membership. We have become famous for being able to succeed where other companies have failed.


Now our first choice...

“We chose ilx because of their design and evelopment model. Other vendors were stuck in the last decade, using 3 column word formats and the like to design courses. The ilx module is visual and immediate. We saw results within days and felt that we knew what the outcome would be all through the project. This helped us be confident in the product and the relationship. Over time, our experience with ilx has been so consistently positive, they are now our first choice as a training vendor.”

- Healthstream

Delivered the impossible...

“We had an idea. Something crazy that we dreamed up that didn’t think was possible. We wanted a virtual version of our HQ as the main user interface, allowing the user to move from department to department, fulfilling each of the training requirements. ilx took the idea and improved on it. The outcome is amazing.”

- Paul Hughes, Avis Europe

Our trusted partner...

“We met ilx under somewhat stressful circumstances when a previous vendor had let us down. We were somewhat gun shy. We needent have worried. Over the last 4 years, ilx has become our trusted partner in delivering our massive library of learning world wide. They collaborate so closely with us, and have immersed themselves so well in our culture that we now rely on them to produce programs and results with greatly reduced management on our part. They take such a high degree of ownership and responsibility that we simply could not meet our production schedules without them.”

- NACE International

Met every challenge...

“Their dedication to service and work ethic is second to none. They met every challenge with excitement and innovation. ilx is now the only eLearning vendor we work with. In fact, I loved them so much, I joined the team.”

- John Campbell, Head3