NACE International Case Study #1

Around the world, every day, corrosion affects nearly every facet of our lives. From the bridges we cross, to water tanks and pipelines that deliver our water and natural gas, to oil platforms, power plants, and military and container ships crisscrossing the globe, corrosion is a killer.

Industrial coatings professionals apply, maintain, and inspect the coatings that protect all of these surfaces exposed to air, water, chemicals, and soil. Corrosion of these surfaces can lead to failures from bridges falling to sinking ships.
The organization offering the most recognized and widely accepted corrosion training programs in the world looked to ilx to translate its comprehensive instructor-led industrial coating application course into effective eLearning. As a global organization serving members across nearly every industry in 140 countries, the clients asked for a way to deliver their critical training to more learners via the internet.

Written by top industry professionals with the collaboration of ilx instructional designers, creative designers, and developers, the course teaches coatings applicators how to protect themselves and their teams on the job site, and the fundamentals of industrial coatings, including how to prepare surfaces for coating, how to calculate the necessary coverages for coatings, and how to ensure the job is done right with all codes and standards met.

“Who knew there were so many ways to die?” - a question frequently asked around the ilx water cooler as the course developed; this course information is literally life saving for the applicators on the job, for the people living in the world around the job site, for the assets the applicators are coating, and for the environment surrounding each and every project. Think globally, act locally. All in day’s work at ilx.”

"We met ilx under somewhat stressful circumstances, a previous vendor had let us down. We were somewhat gun shy. We need not have worried. Over the last 4 years, ilx has become our trusted partner in delivering our massive library of learning world wide. They collaborate so closely with us, and have immersed themselves so well in our culture that we now rely on them to produce programs and results with greatly reduced management on our part. They take such a high degree of ownership and responsibility that we simply could not meet our production schedules without them."

- NACE International


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