IFMA Case Study

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the industry leader in facility management training.

They were in a situation where a license renewal on a legacy Learning Management System was forcing them to look for alternatives.  They chose a Moodle-based LMS to implement, but had no plan of how to migrate content.

IFMA contracted us to provide guidance during this migration. We broke the project down into three phases:

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Development

We spent many hours reviewing every module in their existing LMS.  This information was not available and there was no single resource at IFMA who had this information.  During this phase, we outlined each module, listed all assets, listed all interactive components, and identified reporting requirements.  Once we understood the existing content, we were able to move ahead and propose a plan for migration.

After discovery, we identified that two types of content needed to be completely re-authored.  These included a series of interactive flash cards and case studies.  Proofs of concept were provided to confirm both visual design, functionality, and LMS interoperability.  All interactive assets were delivered in SCORM 1.2 to ensure proper reporting and ease of installation.

Upon receiving confirmation from both the content manager and the LMS administrator, we were able to move ahead and produce the content.  This was a very firm step in our process.  To keep scope in line, it was important to get everyone on the same page and confirm requirements.

Due to proper discovery and design, this process was very smooth.  We delivered final publishes of each product within two weeks and zero issues were reported.

Due to proper upfront Discovery and Design, this project was extremely successful. We entered an environment with a lot of question and uncertainty.  Working together with the client, clarity was found and success was achieved.

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