HealthStream Case Study #2

HealthStream: Tool Kit Design and Development
HealthStream Inc. provides consulting, coaching and training programs to over half of the healthcare organizations in the United States to help them improve their clinical and business outcomes. When HealthStream identified a strategic initiative to offer more services in Leadership Development and Employee Engagement they turned to ILX (Interactive Learning Experience) to provide consulting on the quality of their instructor-led training courses and the professionalism of their training materials. The feedback led to ILX updating 6 courses for physicians and 11 course-tool kits for hospital staff so that all courseware would demonstrate a highly, professional standard. Courses focused on employee coaching, patient rounding at various organization levels, vital conversations, physician communication with patients, hospital processes such as Bedside Shift Report and employee selection and retention.

Issues requiring solution:

  • HealthStream’s own coaches did not provide consistent information to their healthcare clients.
  • There was no means for cascading the content throughout the client organization once a relationship was established with the leaders of the organization.
  • The courseware lacked clarity in concepts being presented, lacked rigor in structure and sequence, and lacked interactive exercises that engaged the participants and reinforced the skills learned.
  • The PPTs were not professionally designed and were visually uninteresting.
  • The Workbook and other materials lacked a consistent design and were not aligned with the course content.
  • The Competency Checklist did not reflect the content in the PPTs.
  • There was little connection shown between the desired behavior and the business outcome; therefore participants were not motivated to change.

ILX took these steps:

First we provided consulting on the quality of the courseware and feedback on what was needed to align it with adult learning principles.
Then we updated 17 courses/toolkits to meet high standards for quality and alignment with known adult learning principles:

  • We provided sound instructional design to ensure concepts were clear, well organized and logical.
  • We added research-based evidence to support the need for the behavior change. In other words we explained why the change was needed and we showed the participants the research to support it.
  • We added creative, interactive exercises, including video scenarios where appropriate, plus leading questions throughout the courseware so that Facilitator-Coaches would invite participation and conduct skill practice for each skill set.
  • We updated the visual branding and graphic interface to provide a professional and consistent look-and-feel for all materials.
  • We developed complete Facilitator Notes for each course so that HealthStream coaches would provide consistent content to all clients.
  • We redesigned all PPTs for increased graphic interest and improved learning following standardized principles.
  • We also redesigned the content and look of the Cascade Learning Kits, Participant Workbooks, and Competency Checks to ensure alignment with key content and course branding plus a consistent look-and-feel.

These materials enabled clients to better cascade the key skills throughout the organization and ensure accountability for leader involvement.

HealthStream’s coaches are thrilled with the level of professionalism they now offer their clients and with the solid results their revised program achieves with their healthcare clients.

"Working with ilx has helped us trim our development times by nearly 35 percent. They are very responsive, easily accessible, and excellent in what they do."

- Healthstream/Project 21


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