Training for Tomorrow

Tech & Tools

Cutting-edge Learning

ilx has a deep understanding of both the principles of learning, and a wide range of tools and technologies. We do everything in-house, from illustration and technical drawing, to animation, instructional design, videography and some software development as required. We have purposefully crafted ourselves to be a complete solution for any of your learning needs. Whether your courseware needs to be SCORM or xAPI compliant, standalone, HTML5, Flash or some other technology, we can provide it.

We have updated and converted hundreds of courses from outdated platforms and technologies as well as created entire curricula from the merest glimpse of an idea to a successful and fully-fledged learning program for thousands of learners. We also ensure smooth delivery with your LMS and can provide services in custom LMS and LRS integration, where needed, to deliver custom solutions that meet every need.

Instructional Models

ADDIE, SAM, criterion-referenced instruction, adult learning principles…we have a solid knowledge of the human side of learning and the process used to design and deliver quality learning programs. These models and principles inform everything we do, yet they work effectively only when tailored to meet your organization’s training and business needs.

LMS System Compatibility

You not only want well-designed courses, you also need them to work! ilx tests all courseware prior to delivery and ensures that every course is successfully integrated into the client’s LMS System.


ilx has extensive experience with developing SCORM and AICC compliant courses will ensure the client’s courses meet all necessary requirements.

Learner Engagement

The earliest eLearning courses consisted primarily of page turners that dulled the senses and disengaged the learner. The results were not encouraging. Today’s technology allows us to create courseware that stimulates the mind and engages the thinking process, allowing learners to make choices, see consequences, and actively participate in their learning. When we combine the best evidence-based learning principles through high-quality instructional design with the best graphics and the best technological capabilities for development we can bring to life thought-provoking scenarios that closely reflect the learner’s real-life work world.

SME Collaboration

You have the knowledge within your organization; we have the ability to design and develop quality courseware to transfer that knowledge or build skills when using it. One of our greatest strengths is collaborating with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to efficiently obtain content and deliver products that meet their high expectations.

We’re always aware of SMEs limited time and use efficient processes to obtain the content needed to build the courseware. We’re used to diving into print resources, interviewing employees who do the work, and reviewing work samples, in order to create highly relevant learning scenarios while minimizing the time required for SME involvement.

We have even helped SMEs redesign their instructor-led courses to be more interactive and focused on the learner’s performance rather than the SME’s presentation.

Responsive & Adaptive Design For Modern Learners

It’s unquestionable that mobile devices have created new opportunities to use a responsive design format. The key to building effective mobile learning though is to recognize both the unique advantages as well as the limitations of a mobile device. We deeply enquire into the audiences needs and capabilities, and our learning objectives. We leverage the advantage of mobile deployment, creating responsive course that while adaptive, also deliver required outcomes and exceed stated objectives.

Mobile Learning

Millennials are no longer teenagers. They are a large and important sector of the workforce, and are quickly becoming its leaders. Millennial learners have unique expectations. They want to be engaged and entertained when they are learning. They want their content delivered in smaller, targeted bites that allow them to complete learning on their schedule and in a way that fits with their multi-tasking lifestyle. Mobile learning allows us to cater to those needs brilliantly, and when combined with social components, these learners feel part of a learning community and a greater whole.

Focused on Performance

Performance: Not just action, but quality of action. It’s not just getting something done, but how we do it that makes the difference. When we deliver new learning, it’s not enough to just deliver knowledge. What we aim for is lasting behavioral change. It’s also not enough just to impart the reason why a new behaviour is needed. What makes learning really effective, and really spectacular is when a learner understands what to do and why to do it, but then is also inspired to change. It’s the difference between planting and watering a seed, and understanding that the yield from this seed will feed your family. It’s through truly inspiring design that we deliver visually stunning and engaging courseware that inspires learners and changes lives.


Delivered the impossible...

“We had an idea. Something crazy that we dreamed up that didn’t think was possible. We wanted a virtual version of our HQ as the main user interface, allowing the user to move from department to department, fulfilling each of the training requirements. ilx took the idea and improved on it. The outcome is amazing.”

- Paul Hughes, Avis Europe

Trimmed development times by nearly 35%...

“Working with ilx has helped us trim our development times by nearly 35 percent. They are very responsive, easily accessible, and excellent in what they do.”

- Healthstream

Learner retention and engagement doubled...

“We have our own in-house development team, but due to a new product push, we needed to engage an outside vendor to help us keep up with a sudden increase in workload. At first we were concerned that a vendor may not be able to match the quality of our in-house team, and that they would struggle to fit into our established workflow. Our concerns could not have been further from the truth. ilx created and delivered a huge amount of work in a very short time. They raised the bar on what was possible for us and became an extension of our organisation. Learner engagement and retention doubled. The standard they set has become our new benchmark.”

- Applied Educational Systems

Met every challenge...

“Their dedication to service and work ethic is second to none. They met every challenge with excitement and innovation. ilx is now the only eLearning vendor we work with. In fact, I loved them so much, I joined the team.”

- John Campbell, Head3

Now our first choice...

“We chose ilx because of their design and evelopment model. Other vendors were stuck in the last decade, using 3 column word formats and the like to design courses. The ilx module is visual and immediate. We saw results within days and felt that we knew what the outcome would be all through the project. This helped us be confident in the product and the relationship. Over time, our experience with ilx has been so consistently positive, they are now our first choice as a training vendor.”

- Healthstream

Our trusted partner...

“We met ilx under somewhat stressful circumstances when a previous vendor had let us down. We were somewhat gun shy. We needent have worried. Over the last 4 years, ilx has become our trusted partner in delivering our massive library of learning world wide. They collaborate so closely with us, and have immersed themselves so well in our culture that we now rely on them to produce programs and results with greatly reduced management on our part. They take such a high degree of ownership and responsibility that we simply could not meet our production schedules without them.”

- NACE International